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Season 10 Production Photos

The T Plays 2008 Audience Favorite: Please Report Any Suspicious Activity

T Plays

Tony Dangerfield, George Saulnier and Rafael Marinho. All photos by Meg Taintor

La Vie En Orange

Mike Bash and Julia Specht

Jaggedly Edged

Brashani Reece and Irene Daly

Lost in Transit

Rodney Raftery and George Saulnier III

Permissive Signals

Greer Rooney and Andrew Winson

6AM: Violin/Viola

Faith Imafidon and Giselle Ty

Because I Could Not Stop For the Silver Line It Kindly Stopped For Me

Kim Anton Myatt, Michael Jorgensen and Rachel Cummings


Leah Fine and Ellen Bates Powers

The Quiet Desperation of White People (with apologies to the citizens of Boston)

Forrest Walter and Bonnie Duncan

A Single Look Back

Nate Gundy and Lonnie McAdoo